A downloadable game for Windows

This is a hardcore fps, servers are always online and playable. This game is in very early stages but the core mechanics are in place with a CQC (close quaters combat) map that is a whole lot of fun to play on. There will be more maps in the near future with a match timer and a map voting system. When you are playing this game and get shot you will start bleeding to stop bleeding hold j and you will bandage yourself. Feel free to join my game studios discord https://discord.gg/e6bWzWs anyone on the discord gets early access to new versions before they are put on itch.io!

Install instructions

To play this game you extract the .rar file, open Impulse forces folder, double click the application, press play online, type in username, press connect and you will be in ready to pwn noobs. 


Impulse Forces.rar 14 MB